Quick Tips when Traveling Through Brazil

Copacabana - Brazil

Brazil is an amazing destination for travelers to move forward into. Whether you’re going for the beaches, the rich history, or you just want to see what is out there, you’ll find that the country opens up in a way that few countries do. South America as a whole is an incredible destination, but there’s a certain allure that comes with Brazilian travel that you’ll find to be mystifying. When you book your trip, you may not know about a few cultural leanings, which is why you should consider the following 3 quick tips when traveling anywhere in Brazil, as they will help you blend in a little.

Do Not Rush Through Anything

For those that are looking at getting through all sorts of different arenas in a speedy fashion, you’re going to hate this issue. Brazil is a locale of beautiful areas, and you will find that everyone stops to smell the proverbial roses. Do not expect to speed through much, as being late is one of the monikers of many people living in the area. It will come through with most transactions, so you might as well settle in and be patient.

English Is Spoken, But Portuguese Rules

If you are a Spanish speaker, do not speak it, you’re not going to get very far. Portuguese and English will help you get a bit more across than Spanish, even if you hear sounds that are similar. The path to communication is going to get you a few friends if you just try to work within the real language and not try to mash other elements. Try to learn the language or attempt to speak English, and you may be surprised with how much the locals know.

Do Not Showboat

You may have a nice camera, nice clothing, and a lot of other elements that may be normal to showcase as a tourist. There’s nothing wrong with this in many cultures, but when traveling through Brazil, do not showcase your goods. You will want to have basic items, including cameras put away and instead use something simple and inexpensive. Not only that, don’t have large bills of money, and try to look homely, as you’ll be targeted if you’re showboating any sort of wealth.

The aforementioned are just a few elements that you should consider as you travel through Brazil. They will help you blend in a little better and it will pay off dividends as you start to get your vacation moving forward.

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