Wine Tour Urbano

Wine Urbano - Buenos Aires -Argentinavisafees

“Have fun, enjoy the street, walk around the street in a different way, discover new wines.”

​Meet each other, toast, celebrate!

Ah, the city life.  Flashing lights, sights to see, people to meet, foods to eat.  There’s nothing like traveling to a city you’ve never been before and spending the evening checking out the local night life.  Every city has its own unique character, and the heart of it really comes out when the sun goes down.

Everyone knows you can’t have a true night life without an adult beverage or two!  It’s always fun to browse the bars and local scene with a drink in hand to loosen you up and get you enjoying everything to its full extent.  If your beverage of choice is an exquisite glass of wine, you’re going to want to hear about the program I’m about to tell you about.

Wine Tour Urbano is a wine-tasting tour hosted in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, which aims to let you have the time of your life while you check out this beautiful city.  Every third Friday of the month, Wine Tour Urbano invites you to come up to the meeting spot and start a route around the city, wine tasting at local wineries as you go.

WTU encourages you to take your own route, but you’ll have winery checkpoints at every step along the way to guide you through a tasting experience.  You can go as quickly as you want, or take your time to take in all sights and sounds.  A sommelier will be found at every point to give you tips, serve your wine and tell you about the tastes you’re experiencing.

Come alone, bring your partner or even bring a whole group together to join the wine tour!  You’re sure to have a blast whatever way you decide to go.  Chat up the local residents, enjoy the wine tasting with your fellow tourists or even take a quiet walk in solitude, enjoying the endless photo opportunities.
This wine-tasting tour is a one-of-a-kind experience, and what better place to enjoy it than the gorgeous streets of Buenos Aires?  The city is known for its rich cultural life, gorgeous European-style architecture, its highest concentration of theaters in the world, and being the largest and most populous cities in South America.

Wine Urbano - Buenos Aires -Argentinavisafees

You’ll be able to walk around, enjoy the city and taste wines for three hours, but that’s not it!  After the tour is over, there will be a drawing so that some lucky tourists get to go home with not only a deluxe wine glass, but also a high-quality bottle of wine from one of the local wineries.

WTU hosts tours from March to November on the third Friday of every month.  Don’t miss our tours this year when they start on March 13th!  If this doesn’t fit with your vacation plans, don’t worry!  If you’re looking to enjoy a great wine-tasting in Buenos Aires between the calendar dates, let them know in an email and they’ll do what they can to accommodate you.  If you have a group of ten or more people, they may be able to host a tour just for you and your company.
A couple of the private tasting programs WTU offers are the Malbec Experience and The Argie’s Stars.  In the Malbec experience, they’ll show you both how every Malbec grape can be similar but with a unique flavor.  In the same sense, they’ll show you how each corner of the same city can be unique and have its own one-of-a-kind flavor!

The Argie’s stars is a top-notch wine-tasting experience like no other.  You’ll have the chance to try a number of different wines, such as the Torrontés from Salta, the Syrah from San Juan, the all star Mendoza’s Malbec and the Pinot Noir from Patagonia, and find out which one is the flavor for you!

Discover the unique characteristics of this great city while discovering the unique characteristics of its wine.  Buenos Aires is a world-wide tourist destination that is certainly worth the hype.  What better way to enjoy it than with Wine Tour Urbano?  Everyone loves wine-tasting and everyone loves travel, so why not combine the two and the experience of a life-time!

If you are traveling to Argentina you don’t need a visa if you are staying for less than 90 days but you need to pay the Argentina Reciprocity Fee.