Best tango shows in Buenos Aires

Tango in Buenos Aires
Photo by April Killingsworth

Tango is one of the great cultural attractions of Argentina. “A dancing from the Rio de la Plata, spread internationally, of linked pair, with binary musical form and rhythm of two-by-four”. The Royal Spanish Academy explains so formal the meaning of the word “tango”. However, for the purists, tango can’t be defined; it’s something that must be felt. Tango tells the saddest stories of love and uprooting and its lyrics evoke the streets and corners of a distant and old Buenos Aires.

Since coming to Buenos Aires and not visit a tango club can be unforgivable for the tourists, here some of the best tango shows the capital of Argentina has to offer:

El Viejo Almacén

This old house was also a hospital, a winery and a restaurant until the late 60s when it was transformed into the most famous tango venue in Buenos Aires. It is quite small but totally worth it to visit even though if you don’t stay for the tango show. It was built in 1780 and you can still breath tango history and personalities.

La esquina de Carlos Gardel

My favorite tango show, couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing! One of the fanciest tango shows in Buenos Aires that plays at an impressive old canteen in the middle of Abasto neighborhood.

We are Tango

We Are Tango titles itself for modern tourists. What it is good about this place is that it isn’t at all like most Tango shows in Buenos Aires (ostentatious and Broadway style). If you want a more modern and private show this is your deal!

Señor Tango

Located in the neighborhood of Barracas, Señor Tango  is the largest tanguería of Buenos Aires (1500 people fit in). This show is kind of Moulin Rouge with a great display of artists and special effects which produce a visual appealing. A show designed for tourists.

If you are traveling to Argentina you don’t need a visa if you are staying for less than 90 days but you need to pay the Argentina Reciprocity Fee.