A day in Tigre

Photo by Wikipedia

Is there anything better than getting up early on a Sunday to go to Tigre? Well, the answer is obvious, but the thing is that there is no better day to go to Tigre than on a weekend day. Tigre (which means tiger) is a place where you can relax from the city.  My Tigre trips usually start in Retiro train station and takes 1 hour (more or less) to get to the other extreme of the railway. Tigre is the last stop so you can relax the whole way.

It is a fascinating and unique place to unplug you from the city and from the routine. It has lots of green, picturesque areas to spend a day enjoying its parks, its canals its colorful houses. Its famous natural beauty makes Tigre a popular tourist destination throughout the year. Tigre is also the starting point for visiting the Parana Delta.

One of the main attractions is Puerto de Frutos, a big open market by the banks of the River Lujan, which is opened only on weekends. You can find everything from clothing to decorative items, toys, plants, furniture (both wood and wicker), among many others. I suggest you to visit it as the first thing you do in Tigre. It will take you circa 2 hours or more depending on how much you want to see or buy.  It is a good place to find things to decorate your house.

After visiting the market, it is time for a boat ride and you should buy a ticket to get into a bus boat. Yes! This place need bus boats to communicate the hundreds of small islands separated by rivers and streams that form Tigre. Enjoy the ride and the amazing scenery while navigating in the river! At lunch time you can get off on an island and eat. If it is summer you can stay in a public beach or in a private club and enjoy the sun and bathing in the brown-water river!

I can recommend you some islands I have been to. One great option is take the bus boat and get off in “Muelle Santa Rosa” (Santa Rosa dock), it is about 40-50 minutes away from Tigre. There you have a nice little restaurant La Riviera where you can have a sunny lunch sitting in the terrace just above the river. There 3-4 restaurants you can reach from this dock and you can also do some trekking since the islands are connected through small bridges. You can take a scenic promenade and see a lot of flora and fauna from the delta. Make sure to bring mosquitos protection because there will be many!

Back in Tigre and to end the day, you should walk by the very nice waterfront towards the Art Museum (located in a beautiful palace from 1913). It is a really nice promenade along the coast where you can see different type of boats, kayaks, yachts and buildings with unique architecture. There are several small bars and restaurants in the way so before taking the train back you can make a stop for a coffee or afternoon tea. When you are ready to go home, just cross the bridge and walk in the direction to the train station (that is only meters away). Don’t forget to take a picture on the bridge with the amazing view of the river!

It is best to go there in summer and spring but it is “open” all year round. Other attractions worth mention is the amusement park “Parque de la costa” (Best in Buenos Aires), Tren de la Costa (touristic train), Trilenium Casino, Art Museum and the Naval Museum. OK…maybe 1 day is not enough for Tigre!

If you are traveling to Argentina you don’t need a visa if you are staying for less than 90 days but you need to pay the Argentina Reciprocity Fee.