Argentina Reciprocity Fee Application For Large Groups!

Argentina Reciprocity Fee for Large Groups

Important information regarding the Argentina Reciprocity Fee application for large groups.

If you are traveling to Argentina, you don’t need a Visa, if you are an American, Australian or Canadian citizen. People from the United States, Canada and Australia need to pay what is called the Reciprocity fee before their trip to Argentina.  It is very easy to pay the Reciprocity fee, you may pay it on using the payment gateway there, and you will be given an e-mail with the receipt of your payment. You just have to take a print out of this and present it to the Argentinean officials on landing at an airport in that country.  This allows you to travel wherever you want to in Argentina, without any interference of any sort, for a period of 90 days. This article discusses the best way to apply for the Reciprocity fee when you’re traveling to Argentina in a large group.

Why Travel to Argentina?

Argentina is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There really is no better place to spend a vacation than Argentina, especially after a hectic year at work. There is so much you can do in Argentina: take a moonlight tour of the majestic Iguazu Falls, gaze at the millions of stars from the natural astronomical observatory of Barreal,  go horse riding in Cordoba, march with the penguins in Punta Tombo, learn to Tango in Buenos Aires, trek the Perito Moreno glacier, hike across the El Chalten, take a long drive through Latin American history on Route 66 and so much more!

Traveling to Argentina in a Group – The Problem

And the best way to travel to Argentina? In a group, of course! What better way to enjoy Argentina than to travel in a large group of friends, family, and colleagues! A college reunion in the stunningly beautiful El Chalten? Why not?! A lot of people visit Argentina in large groups, but unfortunately, so far, they have had to pay the Argentina Reciprocity fee as individuals, and there were no bulk discounts on offer on the processing fee charged by the websites where the registration is done. So, not only was it time consuming to register each person of a group individually,  it also meant that when you travel in a large group, the processing fee charged by the websites for each person, adds up to a huge amount for the whole group. So, needless to say, it doesn’t come cheap, especially if your company or organization is picking up the bill. And it takes a LONG time.  Is there is a better way out?


Traveling to Argentina in a Group – The Solution

That has changed with the new feature introduced by Now, if you’re traveling to Argentina as a part of a large group, your entire group could together, as a single entity, pay  the Argentina Reciprocity fee here, and take advantage of the really attractive discounts on offer. There are excellent savings on the processing fee to be made by applying for the Argentina Reciprocity fee as a group on Also, the registration for the whole group is done  at once, there is no need to repeat the process of registration for each individual in the group – this is just an amazing time saver!

So, if you’re organizing a trip to Argentina for a large group, get in touch with right now, and ask about the wonderful discounts on offer for your group.  Just call the customer help at (720) 450-9730, and find out all the details. This way, you can have fun in Argentina, without it costing your wallet too much. Have a safe and fun trip!