Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Argentina When Planning Your Next Vacation

 Caminito - La Boca - Buenos Aires - Argentina

 Argentina is a fascinating country. With stunning mountains, a famous wine region, world class arts and culture and a varied and rich history, this country has something to offer every type of tourist. This list should have something for everyone considering a visit to Argentina.

Buenos Aires

 The capital of Argentina is one of the twenty most populated cities on the planet. It is a thriving hub of multiculturalism, Argentinian heritage and South American history. Any vacation could be complete simply seeing the sites and sounds of this magnificent city.


 Argentina is one of the greatest wine growing regions on Earth. If you like Malbec, then you can’t miss out on a trip to the wine region centered around the city of Mendoza. Take one of the organized wine tours that will hit many of the most famous wineries of the region. Be sure to enjoy all the tastings that you usually come along with such tours.


 The tango is a sultry passionate dance famous around the world, and its heart is in Argentina. Visit a milonga in Buenos Aires or one of the other cities to get both a dance lesson, and the experience of dancing the tango in its natural environment.


 If you’ve ever seen “Evita” or heard “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” you’re probably at least familiar with this famous woman’s name. In truth, she was the wife of reformer president Juan Peron of Argentina, and a much beloved figure to the common people of her country. Tributes and museums to her are scattered throughout the country.


 If you’ve ever been interested in exploring the most remote region of Earth, then Argentina is a great place to start. Many different expeditions to the southern continent leave from the southernmost point of Argentina.


 Of course if you don’t want to venture all the way to Antarctica, you can still see penguins right in Argentina. Macaroni, Magellanic, and Gentoo penguins are all present in varying quantities in the southernmost regions of Argentina.

The Andes

 This spectacular mountain range covers much of Argentina and Chile, and is home to some of the best alpine activities in the world. Whether you want to ski in a resort style setting, hike through some backcountry, or climb some of the most challenging mountains in the world, the Andes have something to offer you.

Mar Del Plata

 If you’re looking for the full spring-break beach style vacation in Argentina, then Mar Del Plata is the best place to go. In the summer this place can be packed full, but if you’re willing to visit in the off season you might be able to grab a chunk of sand to yourself.

Iguazu Falls

 This waterfall is constantly on the lists of not only the most impressive sights in Argentina, but in the entire world. No trip to the country would be complete without a visit. In addition, the areas around the falls provide some of the best nature hikes around. Incredibly varied wildlife, including the rare and elusive jaguar, fills the park around the falls.

Useful Information

To visit Argentina you need to obtain the Argentina Reciprocity Fee. You can apply at www.reciprocityfees.org

For additional details on requirements for US Citizens, visit the State Department website or the Embassy of Argentina.