Everything you wanted to know about the Argentina Reciprocity Fee

Glaciar Perito Moreno -El Calafate- Argentina Visa Fees Photo by Ramoinbaile

Are you a citizen of the United States, Canada, or Australia, and planning on visiting the beautiful South American country Argentina? Well, there have been plenty of changes in the entry fees to Argentina that you should be aware of. Many foreign tourists to Argentina are not even aware of the fact that there is a mandatory fee which needs to be paid before they land in an airport in Argentina. This article aims to clear the confusion about traveling to Argentina, focusing specifically on the Reciprocity Fee that needs to be paid by all tourists visiting Argentina. Read on for more information.

What is the Reciprocity Fee?

Argentina’s reciprocity fee is simply the payment that a foreign tourist has to make before entering Argentina. It is called as “reciprocity” fee because it is the same as what the governments of United States, Canada and Australia respectively charge tourists and visitors from Argentina to their countries. For US citizens, the reciprocity fee that they have to pay before landing in Argentina may amount to $160, but this may change. It may be a lot of money, but this is exactly equal to the tourist visa fee charged by the United States government to tourists from Argentina. So, if you feel the need to blame anybody for this relatively high fee that you have to pay to enter Argentina, then you should be blaming the US (or for that matter Australian or Canadian) government!

Changes in the Reciprocity Fee payment method

There have been great changes in the way the reciprocity fee can be paid in the recent past. Just 18 months ago, the reciprocity fee could be paid by cash by tourists on landing at an airport in Argentina. But since January 2013, important changes have been made – the reciprocity fee may be paid online at www.reciprocityfees.org Tourists have to pay this fee well in advance of entering Argentina, regardless of how they enter the country – whether by air, land or sea. Even if you are a passenger on a cruise ship cruising around Argentina, you will have to dish out this fee.

Next, the procedure to be followed in the payment of Argentina’s reciprocity fees is discussed. Read on for the instructions.

Reciprocity Fee Payment Procedure

Step 1. Visit www.reciprocityfees.org. Follow the instructions on the website. All instructions and links are in English, clearly written, without room for any confusion. The reciprocity fees for US, Australian and Canadian citizens are as follows.

The payments here are in US dollars and specify the reciprocity fee per person.

Country Validity No. of Entries Cost Service Charge
USA 10 years Multiple $160 $20
Canada 10 years Multiple $92 $20
Australia 1 year Multiple $100 $20


Step 2. You may click on either of the two links, “Apply Now’ or “Get My Visa”. You will be led to a form where you will be asked for your personal details.

If you are fully satisfied with the information entered by you so far, you may click on “Next”, which takes you to the Shopping Cart. You will get an opportunity to review the information entered by you, and you may Edit and make changes if you so desire. You may now click on “Proceed to Checkout”, which takes you to the payment gateway, or you may select “Add another Visa”, if there is one more person who’s visa you would like to apply for.

Step 3. On entering the payment gateway, you may enter your credit card information. Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover credit cards are accepted. Or you may choose to make the payment through a verified PayPal account. Now, you just have to click on the “Place order now’ tab and your order is registered. But it’s not over yet.

Step 4. Once the payment has been accepted and the order is processed, three emails will be sent to the email ID provided by you. One is a welcome email, a new order email and lastly, within 10 minutes of placing the order an email containing the reciprocity fee ticket in form of a PDF file. You just have to get a copy of the ticket printed, and carry it along with you to the airport. You are allowed entrance into a plane bound for Argentina only on showing this ticket. On entering Argentina, you will be asked to show this ticket yet again by immigration officials at the airport as a proof that you have paid the reciprocity fee. Never lose the reciprocity fee ticket at any cost, as that would lead to unwanted trouble for you.


It is hoped that you will find the information in this article useful. Argentina is one of the loveliest countries in the world and a trip to Argentina is probably just what you need to get away from the drudgery and boredom of normal office work.